Friday, September 28, 2007

I've uploaded one more day from the Greece trip pictures on Picasa. I think the Acropolis trip has the most pictures taken so I should be able to upload the last 3 days since I dont think I've taken as many pictures after Acropolis.

I've been busy crafting all this week. I'm finishing up the 2nd amineko doll for my friend Gwenn, finished another crocheted beanie to put up for sale on etsy-I just need to decide wether to put a brim or leave it as is. I'm also working on a special request from my sister- a bacon & eggs scarf. I wrote a pattern for it last weekend & started working on it a couple of days ago. I also have a blanket order I need to start on soon. I'm back to crafting with yarn for the fall, I guess.

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