Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I thought I'd have more time...

but I guess I'm wrong again.

Anyway, before I forget, here's a quick rundown on the Greece Trip:

Thursday Aug. 23-Get to Blue Palace Resort & Spa in the island of Crete.
Friday Aug 24- hung out at the resort, in the pool all day, 5 course seafood feast dinner at Blue Door Restaurant
Saturday Aug 25 - went to the Dikteon "Zeus" Cave
Sunday Aug 26 - hung out most of the day in the pool again, afternoon stroll in Elounda, dinner in town
Monday Aug 27 - went to Knossos Palace
Tuesday Aug 28 - Grande Britagne Hotel Athens, Greece, took a stroll at the Plaka
Wednesday Aug 29 - took the subway into town, went to the National Museum of Athens, then to Acropolis in the late afternoon.
Thursday Aug 30- visit family in Louka
Friday Aug 31 - went to Ossios Loukas Monastery, then Delphi,
Saturday Sept 1 - hung out in the pool, then Brian, Santina & I checked out the upscale mall around the corner from the hotel, stroll & dinner at the Plaka
Sunday Sept 2 - went home, arrived PDX late night.

And of course, the pictures that chronicles the trip (I still need to upload 4 more days).

This weekend, we are off to Portland to check out the Pirates Festival. And no, I'm not dressing up.

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