Monday, September 10, 2007

Greece Day 1

Okay so here's the short but sweet update:

Wed. Aug 22, Brian, James, Santina and I got on the plane at 7am, landed in Newark, NJ around 3:30ish, got on another plane with the rest of Brian's family around 5:30ish, got to Athens I think around noon (?) the 23rd, got on another plane for another hour to finally get to Crete.

Shortly after checking in at the Blue Palace Resort & Spa in Elounda, we all went out (minus Brian's sis Paula- she snoozed instead) to get lunch in town , checked out one of the grocery stores then headed back to the hotel and hit the main floor pool.

You can see the pictures here.

I think we were in bed around 9:00pm or so, trying to fight the jetlag and get into Greece time.


Everyone is asking me how did the kids do on the long plane rides so here's the answer:
I'm one of the lucky ones. My kids were well behaved. James is 11 so he can keep himself busy. Santina is 4 and she did damn great! No complaints from her. She was fine watching the same movies & cartoons over & over & over. The rest of the time, she kept herself busy with her DS or playing with her doll or snoozing. She didnt need to be walked up & down the entire lenght of the plane or had to be hushed to be quiet because everyone else is trying to get some z's. And NO I didnt need to give her Benadryl or coughing syrup to get her to fall asleep. All I had to do was tell her to try & get some sleep & she did.

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